Algorithm and Analytical Model Development and Management

Algorithm and Analytical Model Development and Management

The increasing need to deal with machine learning and algorithm design is a natural outgrowth of the big data movement, especially as machine learning provides a powerful way to meet the huge and, until recently, largely unmet demand for ways to extract value from data at scale.

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Algorithms can be designed around various machine learning and analytical model programs. Consultation in algorithm and analytical model development focuses on:


- Major platform or stand alone vendor. Some platforms require cloud computing, others, such as RapidMiner, are standalone. Depending on the complexity and use pattern of the model, decisions as to which platform will work best are required.

- Type of machine learning. Depending on what the machine learning and algorithms are for, whether it is medicine, healthcare, tourism, manufacturing and production. Each algorithm will be different depending on needs and data in focus.

- Vendor’s future direction: Where directions, in terms of R&D and investment, how to continue machine learning and algorithm development.

- Algorithm and machine learning development requires many professionals and experts to come together and develop a model right for your needs. Please contact us to get started on the model required for your business.