Digital Innovation and Transformation Studio

Digital Innovation and Transformation Studio

It is not good enough to just study innovation and transformation, students and young professionals need to get involved in projects that create real-World practical experience and skills for future employment and entrepreneurial endeavours.

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Developing programs for robots to assist students find textbooks in the library.

Our Digital Innovation Studio combines the engineering prowess of a tech consultancy with the agility and creativity of a digital agency. Projects are organised by both students and organisations who wish to use digital innovation for their business objectives and proposals. Our multi-disciplinary teams of professional designers, engineers and product managers guide students on how to put together real-World projects together, with project managers on-campus to guide the production process.


Developing a multiple sensor machine to improve and simplify remote water quality monitoring.

What we attempt to do at the Ripple Digital Innovation Studio is find the high-value products, and work to develop business models for innovative products and services, and help startups and industry leaders to detect, design, and build new innovative digital products. We leverage creative methods inspired by design thinking, rapid prototyping iterations driven by low cost startup models.


About David Robertson

David Robertson is an Australian Government (ASQA) accredited trainer and assessor. Having first brought Australian Government accredited training to Japan, he has gone on to bring medical English and IELTS Academic test training to Japan.


After completing his MBA, specializing in digital innovation and transformation, David has gone on to put together a project management service for young entrepreneurs who need assistance with preparing and planning out their digital innovation projects.

David has written a digital transformation and innovation course that any innovator, entrepreneur, and digital professional can participate in as it is run monthly over a twelve month period.


A whole range of projects, including:

  • Programming and coding

  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology

  • AI and algorithm development

  • Social media promotion and marketing

  • Data management

  • Programming and coding

  • Raspberry Pi tech development

  • Social media marketing and promotion

Let's set up at your institution

Ripple Digital Studio will work with any university that would like to put together a digital innovation and transformation studio. This will include the requirement of a studio (workshop) room for projects. Computers and WiFi are also required, along with budgets for consumables. Ripple Digital Innovation Studio will also ask for professionals and institutions in the local area to get on board and come in to help students along with their projects, which is fantastic for the future career opportunities for students.

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